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Flooring Installation

flooring installation

Install new hardwood, laminate, or vinyl to new floors or existing floors with a professional flooring installation company.

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Quality flooring installation is one of the most important steps in building or remodeling process of the house. It is very important to trust the Installers and very important that they know what they are doing. If done incorrectly it can cost you thousands in the long run to fix. As one of the top hardwood flooring companies in Seattle, WA specializing in flooring installation, we have seen just about everything!

If you are thinking about installing Laminate, Luxury Vinyl, or Hardwood flooring, whether pre-finished or unfinished, look no further—we are your expert floor installers. Worried about prices? Rest assured, we offer exceptionally competitive rates that you simply can’t refuse, unlike other companies that may charge exorbitant prices. Don’t settle for substandard flooring companies. Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation free estimate and discover why we’re the right choice for your flooring needs!

Different types of Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring

Solid hardwood flooring must be used at or above ground level, so the wood can be nailed to a sub floor. Solid hardwood flooring is available in a full array of wood species either unfinished or prefinished. Unfinished hardwood flooring must be finished and/or stained on site, while prefinished hardwood flooring is sold as ready-to-install wood flooring that comes sanded, stained, or finished. For both unfinished and pre-finished flooring, customers can choose from a wide range of grades, colors, and sizes. When deciding on the type of flooring to install, consulting a reputable flooring installation company can provide valuable guidance and ensure a professional finish.

flooring installation

Engineered Hardwood Floors

Engineered Hardwood Floors, a type of flooring installation, are made up of a hardwood surface glued on a plywood base. Engineered hardwood flooring was originally designed for installation in areas with variable humidity levels and heat, such as homes with radiant heating, homes on top of a concrete slab or in basements (although it can also be installed at or above ground like sold hardwood). Engineered flooring tends to be more stable than solid hardwood and is glued directly to the sub floor or concrete slab, or it is “floated” on a concrete slab or sub floor with a moisture barrier and underlay beneath.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a type of flooring that is made up of laminated planks that only look like wood, and finished with a plastic polymer coating. Laminate flooring simulates a real wood species, comes in wide planks, and is an economical solution to real hardwood. It is durable and also easier to install. Additionally, it offers a variety of styles and colors, is resistant to scratches and stains, and requires minimal maintenance, making it ideal for busy households.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring is a synthetic material favored for its durability and functionality making it a preferred choice for flooring installation. It has become an increasingly popular flooring material in recent years because of its ability to fight off moisture and its versatile appearance. Plus, it’s one of the most affordable flooring options. Vinyl flooring can realistically mimic wood, stone, marble and a vast array of other luxury flooring materials.

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Castles Flooring are a family-owned and operated Flooring company serving the Seattle area and around the PNW. We provide Installation, Sand and Refinish, Buff and Re-coat and Floor repair services.

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