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buff and recoat

Buff and Re-coat your existing Hardwood in Seattle, Wa

Every home and business owner knows that hardwood flooring requires a healthy amount of upkeep to ensure it maintains its original qualities. However, no matter how diligent you are with the maintenance, a buff and coat will be necessary overtime. Why will your hardwood floors need a buff and re-coat when you are the ideal hardwood floor caretaker? Well, every hardwood floor is covered with either  a polyurethane coating or water base coating and this coating will protect from everyday wear and tear but overtime, it wears down leaving the wood vulnerable to damage.

This coating can take a good amount of abuse, but once its wears to a thin layer, it’s time to contact hardwood flooring professionals for a buff and coat to ensure no extensive damage occurs. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and minor repairs, can prolong the life of the coating, but eventually, the coating will thin out. This is where buffing hardwood floors becomes essential. Buffing helps to remove minor scratches and scuffs and prepares the surface for a new coat.

flooring can be brought back to life with a buff and recoat, but don’t expect deep scratches and dings to be removed. The same holds true for removing paint that may have been splattered over the years. Frequent screen and coat applications can protect, postpone or eliminate the need for a complete refinishing at a later date.

buff and recoat

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Looking For a Buff and Re-coat Service in Seattle, WA?

Castles Flooring are a family-owned and operated Flooring company serving the Seattle, Wa area and around the PNW. We provide Installation, Sand and Refinish, Buff and Re-coat and Floor repair services.

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Why Buff and Recoat?

You can rely on Castles Flooring to take care of your hardwood flooring needs including buffing hardwood floors and buff and recoat hardwood floors, in a timely and efficient manner. We know how important it is to protect your investment, and we’re here to help you through the process.

At Castles Flooring, our team can help you protect your floors, which you’ve invested significantly in. With our “buff and recoat” process for hardwood, your floors will look great for years to come while also remaining in top condition.

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buff and recoat
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Revitalize Your Floors With Buff and Recoat Hardwood Floors

Our mission at Castles Flooring is to breathe new life into your hardwood floors with our specialized buff and coat services. Available to both homes and workplaces establishments, this unique process is the heart of what we do.

But what exactly is buffing and coating? For a buff and recoat process, we clean your floors with a buffer and pad, then screen the floors, which takes out minor wear and tear and surface scratches, then double recoat your floors with the durable finish that greatly enhances and protects your floors. We restore the floor’s original shine and protect it from future damage.